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Afternoon Tea

Create the Afternoon Tea party of your dreams with some of the ideas below. Your gathering with be "the talk of the ton" as they say in Bridgerton. Choose from our lovely selection of scrumptious tea sandwiches, sweet delectable treats, delightful savory nibbles, and piping hot teas to make the perfect spread. 

Image by Sincerely Media

tea sandwiches

  • Cucumber and Boursin cheese

  • Smoked salmon with dill cream cheese or dill butter

  • Tomato, basil & goat cheese

  • Turkey with brie & sundried tomato pesto

  • Albacore tuna salad

  • Chicken salad

  • Egg mayonnaise with watercress

  • Curried chicken salad

  • Roast beef with arugula & wasabi mayonnaise

  • Roast ham and cheddar cheese with a creamy mustard spread


Sweet treats

  • Assorted French macarons

  • Assorted mini cupcakes

  • Chocolate cups filled with chocolate mousse & topped with a swirl of sweet whipped cream

  • Chocolate dipped strawberries (summer months only)

  • Choux pastry puffs filled with vanilla custard

  • Meyer lemon bar squares

  • Sweet lemon tarts topped with whipped cream & seasonal berries

  • Pecan caramel tarts

  • Seasonal fresh fruit tarts

  • Truffle brownie bites


savory nibbles

  • Home-made bite size vegetarian quiches

  • Caprese skewers (mini tomato & mozzarella balls and garden fresh basil, drizzled with a balsamic reduction)

  • Caramelized onion & feta cheese tarts

  • Curried chicken salad phyllo cups with grapes and mango

  • Lox and cream cheese phyllo cups garnished with capers

  • Mini English sausage rolls


Teas are sourced from Taylor's of Harrogate in England. 

We fresh-brew enough piping hot tea to last all afternoon. Poured from our vintage teapots and served in a dainty teacup and saucer. Served with lemon slice and milk. 

  • Lapsang Souchong: created in the mountains of China, where the leaves are dried on bamboo over smoking pine wood fires. It’s one of the oldest tea-making methods in the world, and it gives the leaves a uniquely deep, rich, smoky flavour. Dark, smoky blend.

  • Afternoon Darjeeling: from the highest gardens in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains at the peak of the growing season when the tea is at its best, giving a subtle muscatel flavor. Subtle, muscatel, wine-like flavor makes this a soothing afternoon blend.

  • Ceylon:  lovely 'afternoon tea' hailing from Sri Lanka, a place famous for the quality of its high-grown teas. The combination of high altitude, rich soil and the clear, cool climate create a tea with a bright, golden appearance and delicate citrus notes.

  • Early Grey: elegant fragrance of the bergamot fruit gives its famous flavour. Balancing this beautiful Sicilian citrus with light and delicate teas from Indonesia and high-altitude teas from the Blue Mountains in southern India.

Image by Sincerely Media
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