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Waterville, OH

Our Mission in Farming:
Muddy River Farms is founded on the drive to assure regenerative agriculture and organic farming practices are available to our local community. Although we are not certified organic, all produce is grown on site without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, etc.


NW Ohio

At Good Dog Farm we sell farm fresh microgreens, produce, and flowers! Stop by our booth at the Toledo Farmer's Market on Saturday or order online for pickup and delivery in Lucas and Wood county!


Elmore, OH

Our Mission: To Reconnect You

We understand what it feels like to wonder where your food comes from.

Which is why we don’t want to just grow your food… 

We want to teach you the story behind it.

We want to help you feel assured that your food dollars aren’t just making crazy-delicious meals in your kitchen, but they’re supporting a local farmer who’s committed to helping you feed your family the right way.

We also want to help you find other people like you, who value farmers and fresh food — so you can support each other and learn together.

Shared Legacy Farms is so much more than a place that grows your vegetables.

We’re changing the way people eat.

~Farmer Kurt

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Pemberville, OH

Z Farms is located on the banks of the Portage River in Pemberville, Ohio. Our mission is to use permaculture and organic farming practices to provide high-quality, nutrient dense food for our family and yours.

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