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Event Catering

What Is Farm To Table Event Catering?

At Cork and Knife Provisions, I don't believe that farm to table food is a fad - it's a way of life. We believe we're the best event catering company in the area when it comes to working with local farms and vendors to ensure that the food provided for your event catering packages is as fresh as possible. We're proud to be the best catering company in the Toledo area, and we're excited to talk with you to see if we could be a good fit for your event.

Farm to table event catering isn't just about knowing where your food comes from - it's about feeling a connection with the people, places, and farms that are providing nourishment for you and your guests. When you understand that your food has been cared for with the same careful precision you'd provide in your own kitchen, you can rest assured that you're going to get an excellent meal, worth every penny.

At Cork and Knife Provisions, we believe in using fresh ingredients from locally sources as often as possible. This means that our menus change regularly based on what's available and what's in season. When you talk with us about using one of our event catering packages for your event, we'll talk with you about what foods are best for the season, and we'll provide you with a plethora of options to ensure that you and your guests receive the best meal currently available.

When you work with an event catering company that prioritizes providing customers with farm to table options, you're not just doing your part to give your guests delicious food - you're also doing your part to help the environment. When you stay local, you're not adding to the negative environmental effects of transporting food across the country (or across the world). You're getting a meal that is more fresh, more delicious, and more environmentally sound.

If you're ready to end your search for the best catering company in the Toledo area, I'm glad you came across Cork and Knife Provisions, and I'd love to talk with you about how I can meet all of your catering needs. Reach out to me today so we can chat about how I can help you create an event your guests will never forget.

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