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Choosing The Right Party Catering Service For Your Holiday Party: A Checklist

Are you in the process of planning a holiday party? Figuring out all the moving parts of putting together a great party starts with hiring the right party catering service to make your evening a success. As you plan your holiday party, it's important that the catering company you choose is able to meet all of the needs of your event. When you're talking to each catering service you're considering, be sure to ask these questions to ensure that you're choosing the right party catering company for your needs.

  • First, ask your potential catering company for references from other people who have used them for parties of a similar size.

  • If you're not going with a standard menu, ask the chef about the process of menu creation. Ask how much input you'll have in the menu options, and whether you'll get to give the final ok on the menu choices.

  • If you have guests with special dietary needs, ask the catering service if they're able to accommodate these needs.

  • Ask your potential party catering service when they'll need your final head count for the party. If you think that your guest list is likely to fluctuate at the last minute, you'll want to be sure that your caterer is able to provide the flexibility that you need.

  • Talk with your caterer about whether they'll provide a tasting with your potential menu before you decide to move forward with the service. For large events, many caterers offer to allow the person in charge of the event to enjoy a tasting so that they can provide the chef with feedback on the menu choices.


If you're in the midst of planning a holiday party, working with a catering service can be a great way to allow you to relax during your event and enjoy your guests. Be sure to take your time choosing the right caterer for your event, and don't be afraid to start reaching out to potential catering services well in advance. Many party catering services book early, especially during the holiday season.

At Cork and Knife Provisions, I'm here to work with you to create the perfect menu for your holiday party. Reach out to me today to learn more about my options for your holiday party.

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